New Zealand Sign Language


Introducing Sign Ninja, an engaging new online game, a way to have fun learning New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

You can play Sign Ninja FREE on computers, tablets and smart phones (Android* and iPad/iPhone*).

Sign Ninja is a great way to learn, practice and explore NZSL, the Language of the Deaf community of New Zealand.

The scene is set with a tale of intrigue told about a secret language. This is the little known but true history of NZSL, which was banned, even in Deaf schools, until as late as the 1980’s.

The Sign Ninja player must navigate their way through the NZSL labyrinth to find the Great Hall of Communication.

Play includes the creation of an avatar and interaction with Sign Ninja characters; the Sign Master, the Grammar Guru and the Hand Shaper.

NZSL vocabulary and knowledge is used to unlock doors, earn points, “Thumbs Up” tokens or “Voice Off Shields” along the way. Meanwhile the player will have to face the “Shouters”, noisy characters who don’t know how to use NZSL and are so loud that they are causing the walls of the labyrinth to collapse!

Upon reaching the Great Hall of Communication, players will be awarded belts in a variety of colors to reflect their level of achievement. Players can choose to have their adventures recorded in the Sign Ninja Hall of Fame.

*Works with Chrome on Android phones. Note, not all Android phones are capable.

**iPads/iPhones with iOS 7